Online “Touch Blue”

Duración: 5 minutes Tamaño del grupo: 5-25 people

Games over video chat or on a conference call? Yep!

Conference calls should be interesting. Like any meeting, they become boring when they are always the same and there’s nothing unusual or unexpected happening. So maybe you want to make your next conference call more interesting with this game!

The way to play is simple: the facilitator calls out something to touch, for example: “Touch blue!” Each person then has to move and touch something with that colour (a blue marker, a co-worker with a blue shirt, etc). The facilitator continues, “touch red… yellow… something fluffy…” This is great with video chats as you see your colleagues stretching and moving around together—and can even work with just audio calls. The laughter alone is rewarding.

For the advanced group, you can get more complex: “With your left foot, touch something on your desk… while doing that, with your right elbow, touch something yellow…”