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Echa un vistazo a los anteriores seminarios web alojados en 350. Cubren un amplio rango de temas y están dirigidos por líderes de todo el movimiento.

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"The largest stimulus package ever": the potential of the so-called recovery funds for transformation in the European Union (WeMove Europe)ENVirginia López CalvoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
"Net zero" is not zero : smokescreens, threats and the need for real action - session 1ENWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
"Net zero" is not zero: smokescreens, threats and the need for real action - session 2ENWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
A global treaty to manage the just transition (Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative)ENCarroll Muffett, Meena RamanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Biodiversity: the missing discussion in climate change action (CBD Alliance)ENGadir Lavadenz, Linda SchneiderWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Bird-dogging tactics and research (Greenpeace)ENConnor GibsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building a better future in Latin America: Moving from business as usual to Buen Vivir (Climate Action Network Latin America (CANLA))EN, ESCarola Mejía, Karla MaassWatch on YouTube
Building a climate clock in your city (Climate Clock)ENAndrew Boyd, gan golanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building a climate safe Caribbean ( Odeh, Cannita MeliusWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building digital campaigning and organizing tools for the global movement ( Gorchakova, Sarah WillboreSlides/Resources
Building labor climate coalitions for a Just Recovery ( Leon Guerrero, Mametlwe Sebei, Alex Lenferna, Deborah RosensteinWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building national network of climate action and planning creative campaigns: case study of Fridays For Future Japan (Fridays For Future Japan)ENHaruhisa Tokito, Isao SakaiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building people-power in your campaign group using digital tools especially during COVID times ( KeenanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Building solidarity to defend our defenders: perspectives from Asia ( Tulagan, Jannatul MouwaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Burn-out as a metamorphosis for radical change (Loops)FRLuce GoutelleWatch on YouTube
Campaign Storytelling (Campaign Bootcamp)ENGrace JeremyWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Carbon Inequality: How to expose the great climate injustice of extreme emission inequality (Oxfam)ENAlexandra Vanreusel, Julien LepeerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Catholics facing climate change on a local level (GCCM)ENFabián Campos, Igor BastosWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Choosing Sustainability, By Default (Better Food Foundation)ENKatie CantrellWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate and mental health: climate anxiety and individual resilience (Psychologists 4 Future)ENChristoph Hausmann, Katharina van BronswijkWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate change organising in the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia (Ummah For Earth)ENNouhad Awwad, Tom AllenWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate change, plastics, and environmental racism: slaying the petrochemical hydra (CIEL)ENSharon Lavigne, Steven FeitWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Climate jobs: people's plan to fight the fire (Climáximo)ENjonathan neale, Leonor CanadasWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Comment rompre avec les dynamiques oppressives dans votre activismeFRLeyla LarbiWatch on YouTube
Community organizing for climate justice (Greenpeace)ENChristopher DeanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Como cantar o Antropoceno (Caio Lima)PTCaio LimaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Coping with prison and the magic of solidarity - experiences and lessons learned (Marianne Koch, Peter Steudtner)ENMarianne Koch, Peter SteudtnerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Creative online tactics for your campaign ( Tyler-DaviesWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Cross-movement collaborations for a more gender and climate just world: Experiences from GAGGA (Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA))ENDr. Bhanumathi Kalluri, Maite SmetWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Cut through the noise & shift the conversation - session 1 (NEON)ENFunmibi OgunlesiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Cut through the noise & shift the conversation - session 2 (NEON)ENFunmibi OgunlesiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Dangerous Narratives and Climate Migration (GSCC, PISFCC)ENBrami JeganWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
deCOALonize: a model for community climate justice (Natural Justice)ENGino CocchiaroWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Developing accessible and inclusive spaces (Campaign Bootcamp and ENIL)ENZara Todd, Áine Kelly-CostelloWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Difundiendo tu mensaje: como relacionarse con los medios y ampliar tu presencia en el debate ( DiasWatch on YouTube
Digital climate communication and campaigning (FridaysForFuture/Germany)ENChris SchaumannWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Digital organising and movement building (Avaaz)ENPascal VollenweiderWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Disobedient art workshop (Fossil Free Culture NL)ENTeresa BorasinoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Don't even think about it: why our brains are wired to ignore climate change (George Marshall)ENGeorge MarshallWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Ecofeminists for creative solutions: advocating for gender and climate justice as artists ( Mayer, Beatrice TulaganWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Equity, solidarity and collective care for people and nature: gender-just community-based systems and practices for a just recovery. (Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA))ENAna Portocarrero, Angela CuencaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Espalhando suas mensagens: como se relacionar com a imprensa e ampliar sua presença no debate ( ClarkWatch on YouTube
Faith & divestment - session 1 (Living Laudato Si' Philippines)ENBishop Gerardo Alminaza, Jochelle MagraciaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Faith & divestment - session 2 (Living Laudato Si' Philippines)ENJohn Leo Algo, Maria Jaya AriolaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Falando com a imprensa ( ClarkWatch on YouTube
Feminist action for climate justice: synergies in the generation equality form action coalitions and the global climate movement (Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO))ENHALL Laura Cooper, Joanita BabiryeWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Finance campaigning 101 ( Mokgopo, Brett FleishmanSlides/Resources
Finance campaigning in Taiwan (350 Taiwan)ENMartin SuWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Financing Fossil Fuels: European colonialism in the 21st century ( Zugman, Nick BryerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Follow the money: tracing climate injustice to fossil finance in the Pacific ( Sikulu, Maggie McKeownWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Fossil Free Fed: public money for the public good ( Fleishman, Kendall MackeyWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
From slogans to action: the climate budget tool in Oslo (C40, Nature & Youth Norway)ENGina Gylver, Hauk Are FjeldWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Guyana: who is the winner? (Voices GY)ENChristian VargasWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Hablando con los medios ( DiasWatch on YouTube
Hacking the planet: the injustices of climate geoengineering (Hands Off Mother Earth (HOME) Campaign)ENLinda Schneider, Silvia RibeiroWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Health justice and the Green New Deal (Medact)ENWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Healthy & non-extractive storytelling in USA: a training-of-trainers ( Nalamalapu, Thanu YakupitiyageWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Holistic care and security for activists in times of covid (Marianne Koch, Peter Steudtner)ENMarianne Koch, Peter SteudtnerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Honouring language diversity: organizing multilingual online events (ébora GastalWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How cities and local divestment campaigns can learn from each other and work proactively together on divestment (C40 Cities)ENMikkel PetersenWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How cities can lead the global transition away from fossil fuels (Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative)EN, ESAndrea Reimer, Bhushan TuladharWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How do we build solidarity in environmental movements between the global north and south? (Extinction Rebellion South Africa)ENMalik DasooWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How to create videos & win campaigns ( DWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How to create videos to win campaigns ( WagnerSlides/Resources
How to win the narrative: climate movement communication (350 New Hampshire)ENLila Kohrman-Glaser, Rebecca BeaulieuWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How we build people power: Pakistan (Climate Action Pakistan)ENAnam RathorWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How we organize to win: stories from 350 US local groups EN350 US local group membersWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
How we stopped Keystone XL ( Spotted Eagle, Frank JamesWatch on YouTube
Intentional intersectionality in the fight against climate change (International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW AP))ENIlisapeci Raileqe, Marisa HutchinsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Involving youth and media in National Advocacy Campaign (JVE International)ENSena ALOUKAWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Just transition of aviation (Stay Grounded)ENDan Tipney, Finlay AsherWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Kato Ni Mana: weaving our stories into the baskets of hope ( SikuluWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Legal empowerment: path to climate justice (NAMATI, Legal Empowerment Network)ENAimee Ongeso, Eleanor ThompsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Legisladores por el ambiente: oportunidades para un cambio transformador en América Latina ( zavaletaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Les mythes de la conversion des majors pétrolières: le cas de Total ( Ioualalen (OCI), Marie Toussaint (Eurodéputée), Lorette Philippot (Amis de la Terre), Landry Ninteretse ( et Clémence Dubois ( on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Liderazgo regenerativo en el movimiento ecologista en América Latina (Fridays for Future Latinoamérica)ESCatalina Lema, Fernando Cortés VivancoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Local Green New Deals and the power of cities (Global Center for Climate Justice)ENAdele Andrews, Dr. Daniel FaberWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Message testing 101: when, why, and how ( EvansSlides/Resources
Mobilization around air pollution and health (Right to Clean Air Platform, Clean Air Collective in India)ENBrikesh Singh, Buket AltiSlides/Resources
Money For Our Future: How to Move Big Banks (Japan’s case study) ( Watanabe, UG TanakaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Mozambique gas rush provokes human rights abuses, climate devastation, insurgent attacks (Justiça Ambiental)ENDaniel Ribeiro, Rachel KennerleyWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Navigating power and privilege within local groups (350 US local groups)ENAbby Mnookin, Amy Gray, Shemona Moreno, Jess WallachWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Networking 101: how to expand your reach, grow connections, and collaborate effectively (Asian Environmental Youth Network)ENAnais Chen, Ariane DesrosiersWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Nonviolent direct action globallyENEileen Flanagan, Kumi NaidooWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Not on our soil: the gendered lens (African Climate Reality Project)ENNicole RodelWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Organising under a brutal regime: case study in Gambia (Africans Rising)ENMuhammed LaminWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Organizing in a repressive country (Centre for Citizens Conserving(CECIC))ENEdwin Mumbere, Fred DrapariWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Parents are mobilising: Stories from India, Nigeria, and the UK (Our Kids' Climate and Parents For Future Global)ENAmuche Nnabueze, Bhavreen KandhariWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Pathways to a just future: Degrowth and other alternatives (, Konzeptwerk Neue Okonomie)ENAshish Kothari, Caro RacketeWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Petróleo y gas en la Amazonia: historias de impactos y tácticas de resistencia ( ZugmanWatch on YouTube
Planet A: tales of Southeast Asia (Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY))ENAroe Ajoeni, Ili Nadiah DzulfakarWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Porque a justiça climática importa: como as comunidades mais afetadas estão lidando com as mudanças climáticas ( PereiraWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Protecting front line activists / movements and reducing risk (Lifeline Fund for Embattled CSOs)ENEd O'Donovan, Fran LambrickWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Questioning green recovery : feminist critical pathways to just and equitable transition (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development)ENPatricia WattimenaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Questioning green recovery : feminist critical pathways to just and equitable transition (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development)ENPatricia WattimenaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Questioning green recovery: feminist critical pathways to just and equitable transition (Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development)ENPatricia Wattimena, Tetet LauronWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Recovery from COVID-19: how to track public money commitments and what do the data tell us? ( International Institute for Sustainable Development)ENLucile DufourWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Relocalization: exploring solutions for just and green recovery (Greenpeace Southeast Asia)ENWilhelmina (Ditdit) PelegrinaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Resilience & wellbeing for more joyful activism (Greenpeace)ENPablo Chamorro OrtizWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
S'attaquer au cœur du système financier européen: les banques centralesFRClémence Dubois (, Paul Schreiber (Reclaim Finance), Leyla Larbi (SumOfUs)Watch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Sacred People, Sacred Earth: People of Faith Rising for Climate Justice (Green Faith)ENAbby Mohaupt, Sara ShorWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Scaling diverse land protection movements without money: the case of Uganda's National Land Defense League (Solidarity Uganda, National Land Defense League)ENPhil WilmotWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Shrinking Democratic Space: How We Fight and How to Win ( YLBHI, Irfan Toni HerlambangWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Speaking to the media ( BryanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Stop EACOP: Africa's longest oil pipeline (Avaaz)ENPascal VollenweiderWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Stories from the Frontlines: Women-led Grassroots Solutions (Sierra Club, Women's Earth Alliance)ENA.Tianna Scozzaro, Candace O'MeliaWatch on YouTube
Strategic creative activism for the win (Beautiful Trouble)ENNadine BlochWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Student Climate Activism as Civics Education (Alan Singer, Hofstra University)ENAdeola Tella-Williams, Alan SingerWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Systemic alternatives for transformative change: South Africa's Climate Justice Charter Movement and campaign for a #UBIGNow (The Climate Justice Charter Movement )ENAwande ButheleziWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Talanoa dialogue of Asia fossil free: people live there (GEYK)ENJiyun GimWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Territories bleed through their maps: counter-mapping as a tool for climate justiceENDaniel Voskoboynik, MARIA FaciolinceWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The Asian context: effective environmental activism within disenfranchised communities (Asian Environmental Youth Network)ENAnais Chen, Ariane DesrosiersWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The devastating impact of the climate crisis on racialised communities in Europe (European Network Against Racism)ENNadia AsriWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The Fight For Our Future: The Climate Story of the Filipino Youth (Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines)ENGiselle Lapid, Rendell LateoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
O futuro que queremos - The future we want: Youth’s perspectives for a new development model of Brazil and the worldPTWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The market won’t save us: we need international cooperation for a just transition (Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative)ENMark Campanale, Michael PolandWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The People v. Climate Change: advancing climate justice through the courts (CIEL)ENAlejandra Serra, Nikki ReischWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
The People's Climate Commitment: our Glasgow Agreement (Climáximo)ENAlejandra Ramírez, Alice GatoWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Theories of change and conflict escalation (Climaximo)ENInês Teles, Sinan EdenWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Tomorrow's leaders: what it takes to build a successful youth climate programme (Project 90 by 2030)ENAthenkosi Baba, Daniel RobinsonWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Towards an ecosocialist recovery (Global Ecosocialist Network (GEN))ENJohn Molyneux, Rehad DesaiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Trabajando juntos para ampliar y optimizar la cobertura de la crisis climática ( Bryan, Nathalia ClarkWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Trade unions organising for climate action - session 1 (International Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC))ENBert De WelWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Trade unions organizing for climate action - session 2 (International Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC))ENBert De WelWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Transformative Cities project (Friends of the Earth)ENMageswari Sangaralingam, Maya LRCWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Transforming Africa's biggest polluter: A Green New Eskom ( Lenferna, Cleopatra Nqobile SheziWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Understanding climate-driven migration (Climate and Migration Coalition)ENAlex RandallWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
UNFCCC COP for Dummies (CAN International and Demand Climate Justice)ENAndreas Sieber, Nathan ThankiWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Use of legal options and community stories for climate justice (Greenpeace Southeast Asia)ENWilhelmina (Ditdit) PelegrinaWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Using audience insights to engage better with religious and cultural groups (Ummah for Earth)ENDima MasriWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Você gostaria de salvar o mundo comigo?": Como jornalistas ambientais e comunicadores de ONGs podem intensificar seu relacionamento para melhorar a cobertura climática ( DiasWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Why do a sea-level rise mural (The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA))ENCharlene Shoniwa, Jessica Du ToitWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Why we need a new multilateralism for a global just recovery (UNCTAD, Global Development Policy Center)ENGabriel Casnati, Katie Gallogly-SwanWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Women for climate justice leading solutions on the frontlines (Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN))ENKatherine QuaidWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources
Write the future you want to see: letters to the editor 101 (Home Planet Books)ENRandi Hacker, Siri DunnWatch on YouTubeSlides/Resources